photography workshop

JPC ADDA Outdoor Portraits Workshop

📸✨ JPC ADDA Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshops held amidst the scenic backdrop of Jal Mahal Pal!Outdoor Portrait Photography with the Jaipur Photographers’ Club! 🌿Participants learnt about mastering lighting techniques, practiced with a professional model, and refined their portrait photography skills! […]

JPC Photo Walk “Udaan”

📸✨ ‘Udaan’ – The First Photo Walk of 2024! ✨📸 ‘Udaan’—an enchanting evening photo walk capturing the beauty of the kite market under the starlit sky. JPC community kickstarting the artistic journey in 2024! Capturing the magic of Makar Sankranti […]

Heritage Photo Walk

Join us for a mesmerizing journey through time as the Jaipur Photographers’ Club invites you to embark on a Heritage Photo Walk through the enchanting lanes of the old pink city on 10th Dec ’23! Stroll through the historic streets […]

JPC ADDA Learn ” Art of Night Photography”

JPC ADDA Learn “Art of Night Photography” session was organized in Jaipur at Statue Circle to acclimatize for “Jaipur By Nite Photo Walk Series”About 30 Photographers who had the zeal to learn attended the session. #jpc #jaipurphotographersclub #iamjpc #jpcrocks#jpcphotowalk #jpcadda […]